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Thread: forget about p2p apps for getting mp3's - get twister

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    forget about p2p apps for getting mp3's - get twister

    "inspired" by another thread here about kazaa and my general distaste for p2p apps, I bring you something that might be a good alternative to some of the suggestions I posted in that thread.

    [rant on]
    here's my view.. I know it's borderline to talk about warez or illegal (in some cases) sharing. I see many posts here that I think shouldn't really be allowed on a public security forum.. But hey, it's not my place to say what's good or bad, or rather, what is allowed or acceptable. Info is free when it's found by a search engine, it's up to you.. (or the admins/mods) to decide whether it's "right" [/rant off]

    Like I said elsewhere, I have no need really for downloading music.. on 56k, it's not worth it to me. But everyone else has this "fixation" with grabbing all they can.. I say "hey good luck, have fun".

    so for folks that just want the music and not the bull****.. I offer this additional alternative.

    Twister is a free internet program to find and download MP3 and other music files.
    Twister uses the top search engines available today.
    Twister is compatible with the major music players such as Media Player, WinAmp and Sonique.
    Twister is completely free !

    Some of the features that make Twister your choice for downloading music on the internet:

    thousands of music files (MP3, real audio, ...)
    real-time verification of search results
    fast direct downloads
    built-in play list
    runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP
    easy as 1-2-3
    completely free
    no popup windows
    I cannot vouch for this.. I have not tried it.. it's posted for "informational purposes".
    thank you.. leech away at your convenience.

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    forgive me for not editing the last post to edit.. here's a shareware app doing the same thing.

    Hit Discovery 1.0
    Hit Discovery is a multi-threaded web-spider designed to search for and download mp3 files that allows you to listen to mp3 previews before downloading them. It will search for mp3 files you want and download them from any website on the Internet. The main feature of Hit Discovery is that it allows you to listen to an mp3 preview before downloading the entire mp3 file.
    Before retrieving mp3 files you need to tell Hit Discovery one or more addresses of the websites, mp3 top lists, or favorite music collections you want to retrieve mp3 files from; the name of the artists or music groups you are looking for and then begin the search.
    The Hit Discovery spider will visit the sites in turn and examine their pages for links and mp3 files. If Hit Discovery finds mp3 files matching your conditions, it retrieves not the entire mp3 file, but a small portion of the mp3 file called an mp3 preview. The duration of mp3 previews usually is a few seconds (by default, 10 sec., but you can change the value).
    Once you have retrieved a preview, Hit Discovery allows you to listen to the preview and decide: to retrieve the entire mp3 file or not. If you like the mp3 preview, Hit Discovery allows you to download the entire mp3 file.
    If you could not decide whether you want to download the entire mp3 file because of the small length of its preview, Hit Discovery allows you to download more of the preview (retrieve and add a new portion of the mp3 file to the already downloaded portion).
    In the program options you can set the preview starting point from the beginning of the mp3 files. In this instance previews will be cut from the middle parts of mp3 files. It is designed to exclude a song introduction, which usually is difficult to assess the song quality from.
    The program has its own mp3 player, allowing you to listen to mp3 files and previews.

    Requirements: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP.
    Download free trial (0.75 Mb)
    Buy Hit Discovery! ($19.90 only)

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    on twister website....
    9. How does Twister guarantee my privacy ?
    Since Twister doesn't use a peer-2-peer network, your IP address cannot be traced.
    Someone needs to learn about internet protocols...
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    I bet the RIAA will be on their ass soon ...after they shut kazaa down if that is going to happen

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