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Thread: help in c#

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    Talking help in c#

    is it possible for me to develope monitoring server system using c#?this system will detect the intruders from get into the system..
    then the system will send an alert to the server's admin using SMS.that's some of the description of my system.i hope someone will help me =) thanks..

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    That's some program to write! It's not easy for a beginner to write an IDS (which is what you want to do). Also, C# wouldn't be my programming language of choice. The best language to use would be C/C++.
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    Rather the trying to reinvent the wheel (epsecially with c#) why not use an opensource inrtusion detection system (i.e. snort) ?
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    I guess this is all in how you read it. I'd really recommend figuring out exactly what you want and actually writing down some specifications on what you want to build before you go picking out a language to implement it with. To me what you posted sounds like a host based ids, others think it's a network ids...

    Take a look at some existing systems that do what you want, play around with them, maybe take a look at the source if they are available to see how they are implemented. After you've laid down the specs and have come up with a design, do some research into what the languages you have in mind have to offer. Coming to a board like this and asking if I should do vague idea <A> with language <B> is going to get all kinds of answers....not all of them good or informed. You need to take into account your skill set, the learning curve of the language, quirks of the language, etc, etc. If you're still determined to post questions like this after all of that footwork, please provide a little more information so we can make an educated suggestion.
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    The question was... is it possible. The answer is yes.

    Is it simple.... NO.
    is it worth doing... depends on why you want to do it. for knowledge, yeah, go for it. To make something new.. no, they already exist in other languages.
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