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Thread: I lost TCP/IP :(

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    I lost TCP/IP :(

    Hi i have a HP Pavillion 762c it has win xp home, P4 2.26 Ghrz, 512mb ddr, etc. It was infected with several virus. I didn't had anything important in it so i desided to restore it. I did but i still dont have TCP/IP and i don't know from were to install it. I restored the system using F10 and the system restore console, i made the destructive restore, and i still dont have tcp/ip. Can some one help me out or tell me were is the inf file to install tcp/ip ? ? ?

    I really apreciate your help

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    Go into device manager and remove your network card. Reboot and windows should reinstall your network card along with tcpip.

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    It's possible that the virus your machine was infected with have backed themselves up in system restore.

    Try turning off system restore and removing the virus's with available removal tools or antivirus software.

    This link will explain how to turn Windows XP system restore on and off:

    This link addresses your question about restoring corrupted system files:

    Good luck

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    thanks for the replys i m analysin the virus that were in each machine, i had 2 infectedan Hp pavillion and a compaq presario. both of them were afected by Backdoor VB.9.M thats the name that AVG gives to the virus. and in both of those computers the uninstall feature in TCP/IP is disable only the intall feature is enable and the properties one. i couldnt get in the internet with either one of them but i got the Hp one already online. im working in the Compaq one. i think its all related to Backdoor VB.9.M does any one knows what name does Symatec hs for that virus ? ? ?

    (im not experimenting with virus anymore its a pain in the ass)

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    Rightclick on your LAN-Connection and select Properties.
    Then click install - Add - Protocol - TCP/IP

    These should install and tell your nic to use tcp/ip protocol.

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