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Thread: The story behind winamp, and it's creator

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    The story behind winamp, and it's creator

    Good morning,

    I recently came across a Rolling StoneĀ© article that spoke of the creator of winamp and his times with AOL. It proved to be very interesting, and put a lot of things in a different light for me, especially... well.. nevermind. I'll leave all of the juicy things out. Give it a good read, and enjoy!

    - Pooh Sun Tzu

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    Hehe, that was a good article. Thanks for posting it. I read the whole thing, which is something I seldom do, hehe.

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    For some reason I can't connect directly to the rollingstone website. So I decided to get Google to load it for me (using Translate)...

    "It's around here somewhere," he says, checking more under his makeshift concert steam turbine and gas turbine systems, A riser set against A barrier post office-talk with naked women.

    Judging from how Google sees it (German->English Translation, even though it is an English Page), this is definately an interesting article...

    BTW, I eventually went to AltaVista Translate for Japanese->English and it kept the original content. It's a good article.

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    saved to read it
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