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Thread: a great site for tools

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    a great site for tools

    Hi I just downloaded the latest version of Pstool (systeminternals) so I though I would take the time to post this for anyone who is looking for an extremely useful set of tools. I use mainly the remote administration tools but there is large number of other software on the site. These range from monitoring tools (network monitoring, performance monitoring, etc) to remote administration tools and disaster recovery tools. They are mainly Windows orientated but there are also some Linux tools available. I have never had any problems using these programmes and I’ve been using them since about January 2000. For a full list the link is as follows:

    system internals

    All the programmes are written by the two authors of the site. That is Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell. Also all the programmes on this site are freeware but you should read the licensing statement which is fairly straightforward. For more commercial software you should check out the site :


    I am sure that most people out there have already added these to their toolbox but for any one who hasn’t I would recommend they think seriously about acquiring them.
    Hope this makes someones life easier.

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    From my 1st look i think its pretty right now in US History class installing a sony cybershot DSC-P50 driver for bonus points
    but I'll take a good look at those 2 sites when i get home

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    Thanks for the great links
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