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    Question Long-distance access

    I have admin login and password from internet cafe with winxp on computers. I have the IP adress of the one computer too. Ive tried to get a long-distance access trough telnet, but the IP adress has no alternative name. Why? (For example:
    But when I type the IP adress to DNS lookup in wwwhack, I become answer (unknown).
    Can somebody tell me, if I can have long-distance access from my PC with these informations?
    And if not, what I have more to do? And can you tell me, why some PC's dont have alternative IP adress? I am sorry, if these questions are stupid, but I am a beginner and I want to know these things.

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    Did it occur to you maybe using an internet cafe' login and password to access the machine remotely without permission may be illeagal. From what i understand antionline does not promote this type of activity and nor do i.
    As for the ip problem: most places will have a nat router and non routable ip addresses assigned that the computers inside the network use.
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