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Thread: Problems with TFTP

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    Problems with TFTP

    I'm experimenting with some tools, and having problems with tftp.

    To be precise I'm accessing a cmd shell piped through NC being hosted on a win2000 box(1) be accessed by a another win2000 box(2) on the same LAN, and trying to copy some files over with tftp(tftp being hosted on box2). The files aren't very large, one of them is services.exe only about 30k.

    I've tried using cisco's tftp prog as well as another more obscure one, and they always report successful transfer, but when I try to access the files, they seem corrupted. Services.exe for example, will fail to launch or complain about not being run in a win32 environment.

    I know tftp isn't the most reliable method, but with such a small file, and not going over the Internet or anything such thing, it should work.

    Any ideas?
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    I disagree with you here, I've used tftp succesfully in other situations before, I know its mainly used for uploading configs/updates to routers/switches but I've seen many examples of using it as a quick and dirty way to transfer exe's even over the internet, so it's a little more robust than that.

    As far as AIM lol, that's a little impractical as the lab scenario I'm working with here is remote command line access only.
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    when you transfered the file did you use the "-i" option to specify a binary transfer?

    have you tested services locally first?
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    Binary transfer!!

    Thankyou tedob!

    I knew I was missing something simple, I've been forgetting to use the binary transfer option.

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