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Thread: Windows XP Reserved Words

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    Windows XP Reserved Words

    Hi all,

    I am looking for where i can find a list of reserved words for windows xp. this is an explot it Win9x so i gather it would have to be there in 2000 and XP, if not please correct me.

    The reserved word could make a computer crash remotely, example, if i used this in a HTML document it would would through the user into the Blue Screen.

    could be implemented in this piece of HTML code to crash a computer on a network.


    that would crash pc1.

    lol, ok so what i am asking for is any idea of what the windows XP reserved words are.


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    uh huh - and um.... exactly why would you be looking for this? I'm sure it's not to 'do evil' or 'hurt anyone' or anything like that is it??

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    Perhaps, you have just worded your question poorly. Could you possibly be looking for ways to secure your computer/network from these kinds of exploits? Are you possibly trying to find these word/expressions to implement a possible fix or defense to keep this from happening?
    As your question stands, I would have to believe you are looking for these to be able to exploit them against someone elses system, and that is not the aim or goal of this particualar site.
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    hi again,

    sorry about that, i did word my question wrong. what i am trying to say is, is there anyway to stop this exploit happening, if there is any solution to it. i wanted to know about the words becuase i believe fixing the problem is only half the battle, if you want to truly fix it you need to know everything about it, even how it is done.

    I am sorry if i offended anyone here, i honestly didnt mean to.
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    1. Those kinds of exploits are easily resolved just by applying the appropriate patches.
    2. The reserved words in 2K/XP are the same as in Win9x, however, the exploits don't work because this problem was addressed long back for the 2K/XP systems.

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