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Thread: Understanding the eTrust Antivirus Event Log

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    Question Understanding the eTrust Antivirus Event Log

    So I believe this is my third forum started over eTrust Antivirus. Man, do I miss Norton...

    Okay, anyone out there know how to make heads or tails of the antivirus event log? I sure don't! It gives you an error message and doesn't tell you why it happened or what to do about it. And unlike event IDs in Windows, where you can simply look an event ID up on a Google search, etrust Antivirus log event explanations are nowhere to be found! Surely there must be a way to handle this other than hollering at tech support about every single error I get. For example, here is one of the many errors I'm looking at right now:


    Job Service


    Scan job ( C Drive ) had the following results: [File Cure Error: 20]

    ...and that's all I have to work with. Anyone have some experience with eTrust Antivirus/Inoculate? Is there anything I can do to figure out what this and the dozens of other error logs actually mean?

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    well I do have eTrust AV... and have used it for a number of years - only on my home PC though. Having said that I have to say I've never seen the kind of problems you seem to be having - eTrust has alsways been able to clean up any infected files I've had (including emails). It's been a while since I've downloaded anything infected - my current disk of saved nasties is - somewhere... house is a bit upside down at the moment

    I've asked one of the other members (mentioning no names but you know who you are - cheers!) if they would be kind enough to send me a zipped virus to play around with.

    If you can... do you fancy sending me your latest infected file and see if I can at least recreate your problem and take it from there? PM me if you do and I'll give you and email address to send it to.

    Other than that - why not call tech support - that is what they are there for and it is partly what you are paying for - its a resource so use it. They are likely to be able to help you at least as well as anyone else (hopefully better). Also if you are having so many problems well... by telling them and working with them you may be able to help improve the program for other people.

    In case its of interest I ran eTrust over EICAR just to see what pops up in the logs... I get this

    eTrust EZ Antivirus Version
    Started scanning: 23:38:18, 22/01/2004
    Major dat file v4008
    Minor dat file v5171
    Macro data file Jan 22 2004 (VMD Ver 1.6)

    Scanning boot sectors...

    Scanning file(s)...
    g:\shared documents\downloads\> - the EICAR test string reviewer test infection.
    g:\shared documents\downloads\ contains infected files.

    Finished scanning: 23:38:20, 22/01/2004
    Number of files scanned: 2.
    Number of archives containing infected files: 1
    Number of infections: 1
    Number of infected files not cleaned/deleted/renamed: 1
    g:\shared documents\downloads\> (the EICAR test string reviewer test infection)

    Is the general format at all similar to your logs??

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    You might want to take a look at this:

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