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Thread: Freeware Antivirus?

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    Freeware Antivirus?

    Could anyone recomend any freeware antivirus? Are there any that are worth a damn? Also is sygate considered a fairly decent firewall? Just the freeware personal edition.

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    Sygate is a pretty good firewall. Here is a thread on free good firewalls:

    I recommend AVG for the Anti Virus.

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    Forum search of 'AO' on free antivirus: Displaying Topics 1 to 25 of 309
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    I dont know but i recomend DrWeb it is evalution AV but it can protect you and can be updated many times a day.

    Avast is also good.
    AntiVir cannot find any virus that i tested it on.
    AVG is not worst you can use it free.
    Stocona Antivirus is one more but it is just 30 day tial, not bad to fight with script viruses.
    //but you can use this uninstaller

    I want know what firewall (freeware) is good to use
    and what i can use to test them.... i dont know which hack's i must use, portscan is easy to block.
    // too far away outside of limit

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    Hey all

    I Have been using AVG, SpyBot, Sygate, and Adaware , and the Combination seems to work well for my needs

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    This is my first post so dont laugh: But this is what my friends say. Don't rely solely on Norton or McAffee to scan your computer. Go to and download AVG Virus Scanner - it's free and it's a very good tool to have. It is even better than Norton and McAffee. Many virus writers are encoding viruses so that they bypass Norton and McAffee scans...but they can't get past AVG, so get that program and use it often, because it truly works. Trend Microsystems also has a free online java version of a scanner you can use, but it's a little slow. Also i have heard it can clean out sub 7? trojans. Like when your on irc and when you type and it displays giberish

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    I guess these review would help you find the best free antivirus software...,113462,00.asp

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    AVG and AVAST are two freeware av's I recommend to anyone who bothers to ask me. I think you're safe and protected with either of them.

    Sygate free is an excellent firewall and I think you'd be happy with it. It doesn't take much configuration, either, a plus if you aren't familiar with firewalls.

    Another great free firewall is Kerio 2.1.5, but you'd better know what you're doing if you select it. Tiny 2x is still available with a little searching and is good, if a bit dated now.

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    AVG is excellent, as stated multiple times before. Outpost is a pretty good firewall, just as Sygates. Although the freeware Sygate has a few touchy areas. Nothing to worry about for the average user, though.
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    i have been using the free version of avg it is damn good. as you can see most of the others members have also recommended it so you get the picture
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