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Thread: AIM and IPs

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    Question AIM and IPs

    hey AO members

    I heard from another site similiar to tis one that you can see ppls ip adresses from just talkin to them on AIM (aol instant messanger) how is this possible. they say you can do it by openin a direct connection but i have kno idea how.

    any answeres about this, i would be espescialy gratefull for!!!

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    Ok run the command prompt, type netstat, leave it open the send some one a file if the accept go back to the cmd window and type it again there ip should be a new one
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    I have a feeling that you want to know this for malicious purposes, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you want to know it to properly secure yourself.

    AIM establishes a direct connection to send files and what not. When you are simply talking to the other person your messages are passed through a central AIM server, and the person on the other end sees the address fo the server, not your IP. If you were to establish a file transfer, then you would be directly connecting your computer to the other persons computer and yes your IP address woudl be visible to them. They could see it in their logs, on their firewall or by using the netstat command.

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    Thanks for that info HTRegz, my little brother will NEVER use aim again on this pc. Are there any other programs that can expose you like that? Will they still expose my pc's ip or will it be my external firewalls? Not trying to go black hat, looking forward to a white one in the future.


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    It is the same with all chat clients. And any form of IRC. If you send/receive files with someone else, it sets up a direct connection and your IP can be found.

    What do you mean by external firewall? Do you have a router with a firewall on it? And that is how you connect to the internet? If thats so, then they see the IP address of your firewall.

    The only one that might not do this (that I know of) is Yahoo IM, because that sends the file to one of yahoo's servers for the person to download. But that also gives yahoo copies of any files that you are tryign to send...
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    You can also download a program from that logs every connection made to your station. i personally like this program.

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    Re: AIM and IPs

    Originally posted here by Geniusmaxx10100
    I heard from another site similiar to tis one that you can see ppls ip adresses from just talkin to them on AIM (aol instant messanger) how is this possible.
    This is a negative. If you use any sort of sniffer on your system, the IP address you read while talking to them will be a connection to AOL no matter what ISP they are using. However, if you establish a direct connection to them in order to share files you will then be able to read their true IP address.

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