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Thread: Update on Latest Security Features

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    Update on Latest Security Features

    Greetings and salutation!!!

    Im new in these kind of practice and I would like to know what is the latest feature in the past year 2003. Can anyone contribute on this?
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    I'm not sure what you mean by latest feature...Google should have what you want...Judging by your subject, im gonna assume your looking for latest security holes ? Subscribe to, and if it's not what your looking for, then be more specific....
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    Latest security features....i guess u should have been more specific. Microsoft/Windows? Antivirus softwares? Firewalls? Anti trojans/spywares/adwares..etc..In that way people here wont find it hard answering your queries.

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    According to the font of all human knowledge - google. I'm feeling lucky for

    Update on Latest Security Feature

    Its this :

    To be honest, I think its pretty good. If everyone that uses microsoft outlook had this correctly configured the it would be a bonus!
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