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Thread: cisco router to experiment

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    cisco router to experiment

    Greetings all, any recomendations on older cisco routers to play around? There are many on ebay and at various liquidation sites. 3-400 would be all I'd like to spend, less the better. Thanks in advance

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    look for a cisco 2500 series they always sell on ebay for under 100 bux and they are the standard for the CCNA training program...

    They are pretty decent and support everything...
    Good luck with your practice...


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    Agreed a 2500 is cheap and for 3 bones you can get one with a 8-16 port hub, two serial, maybe 32 megs (nice if you'd like to run a newer IOS.


    You should also pick up an old Xylan omniswitch. They are great for learning solid switch/router philosophy. Just don't get a 6024, they aren't built by xylan/alcatel and they suck.
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