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Thread: search jupiterweb

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    search jupiterweb

    Being bored and curious , i tried the new "search jupiterweb" feature (if i dare call it that) . After a half dozen searches or so i have come to the conclusion that it is the most useless search engine i have ever used , it is filled with sponsored irrelevant links (bsd medical supplies right on!!) and many times gave a 404 with a list of their owned sites. Is there some use for this, does it provide relevant results for anything. I am baffled as to why anyone would use this search engine other than curiosity???
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    Actually if i remember correctly when i used to scan my computer for ad and spyware it came up with lot of xjupiter and jupiter stuff. Let's all stick to google.

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    maybe I'm missing something... but what is "search jupiterweb"? Do you have a link?

    Nevermind... I found it. I didn't even notice that they put that at the bottom of the page...

    WTF kind of results are those?! LoL

    Search for "google"... you don't even get their site. Just ads to buy stuff like "google hacks" or articles that have been on

    That has got to be the most useless "feature" added to date!
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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80

    That has got to be the most useless "feature" added to date!
    It's slow as molasses too.

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    As the name suggest, it is a "Jupiterweb" search, not an internet search
    All results it returns are results from JupiterMedia websites.

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