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Thread: How to remove the advert banner of ICQ 2003b ?

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    How to remove the advert banner of ICQ 2003b ?

    I updated my ICQ to ICQ pro 2003b.
    But it has a big advert banner, I hate it.
    How to remove it ?

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    You could try this
    The first thing you will need to do is shut down ICQ if it is currently running on your system. Now you simply need to locate your ICQ directory and look for the following files:

    * icqateima32.dll
    * icqateimg32.dll
    * icqateres.dll
    Once you have located these files simply change the extension by renaming them. For example you could use the following names icqateima32.dlm, icqateimg32.dlm, and icqateres.dlm. When you reopen your ICQ you will notice that the ads are no longer their, however the ad message box is still present

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    for ICQ 2003b ,only delete dll files does not work.

    I found a software that can remove all the banners of ICQ 2003b or ICQ Lite.
    It's pop-up and banner eliminator.

    link of the software :

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