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Thread: day of mourning

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    day of mourning

    Before "Sesame Street," before Mister Rogers and way, way, way before The Wiggles, there was a gentle man named Captain Kangaroo.
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    My childhood icons are dropping like flies, or already gone. I remember that after my father bought our first TV, my sister and me sitting and watching the Captain. On a small semi-round b&w screened TV that only picked up 1 or maybe 2 channels. (Just dated myself...huh)
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    yes you did moxnix. i still haven't gotten over the deaths of Buffalo Bob or Andy Devine...not to mention midnight the cat
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    I grew up watching the guy, I found out yesterday he lived less than 5 miles away from me.

    Loved the ping pong balls.

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    Captain was cool, sure I barely remember him but he was cool, totally forgot about the ping pong balls, but now that image of a moose puppet (I think it was a moose?) getting pegged with balls is in my mind. lol.

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