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Thread: The more things change...

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    The more things change...

    I'm supposed to be writing an informative speech about how the United States has changed in my lifetime, and I just realized that for all the conjecture, things have not changed all that much... or maybe just because I am a little older, I am starting to get a little clarity.

    Sure, we have more technology, more luxuries, but our priorities are unchanged.

    Anyway, I ran across this link while doing some research.

    It's a campaign brochure from Richard Nixon in 1968. I thought it was interesting to see how these exact same issues are still relevant today, almost verbatim.

    Anyway, I thought it was worthy of mention.

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    I moved here last August... if that ain't enough change for you...

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    nixon can say what he wants...i still "like ike"
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    There is on old English saying that say's. The more things change the more they stay the same. Or something like that anyway.

    Tedob1 your showing your age there
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