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Thread: confusion about winxp password

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    confusion about winxp password

    hi all

    being a newbie in security, i would like to know a few things.
    -- first, where are the windows login passwords stored?i know that they are in the registry but where exatly are they stored. i use winxp pro.i did look thru the previous threads but in vain.
    --second, is it possible for someone to modify my registry without access to my computer(like sending a file or anything).

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    Not exactly sure of the exact locaction for passwds on xp, but as for your second question. Yes it is possible. This is how many virus and pretty much all trojans work. When you execute them they add a string to the registry so that they start with windows.

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    The passwords in Windows XP are stored in the SAM (Security Authentication Manager, IIRC). It's a file that has all the usernames and encrypted passwords in it and it can't be copied or dumped without using a special program.
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    Go to: and get Registry Prot.

    Might as well make it difficult for them


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