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Thread: dvd x copy platinum

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    dvd x copy platinum

    i just got dvd x copy platinum and im having trouble getting it to work
    i downloaded it with a keygen and the keygen doesnt have the right license id. what can i do about this if there is anything that i can do?
    i am on winxp as an operating system.

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    Gee.. I suggest you delete this thread before anymore people see it.

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    [sarcasm] oh my.. his keygen doesn't work and he couldn't find AO's warez help forum section [/sarcasm]

    no.. can't help.. except to tell you to use that edit button and check the delete this thread check box, then click delete.. then read the forum FAQ's.. have a nice day..

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    Follow this link:

    Tell them your problem, and where you downloaded it, and I guarantee they will help you out.
    PC Consumer rates their support as top notch, so don't be afraid to give them your real name and address.

    Good luck with that.

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