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Thread: netstat question?

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    netstat question?


    When I do a netstat, one of the adresses have "SYN_SENT" on the "state" column. Whats this mean?

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    Google is an amazing powerful thing. .


    State Description
    LISTEN accepting connections
    ESTABLISHED connection up and passing data
    SYN_SENT TCP; session has been requested by us; waiting for reply from remote endpoint
    SYN_RECV TCP; session has been requested by a remote endpoint for a socket on which we were listening
    LAST_ACK TCP; our socket is closed; remote endpoint has also shut down; we are waiting for a final acknowledgement
    CLOSE_WAIT TCP; remote endpoint has shut down; the kernel is waiting for the application to close the socket
    TIME_WAIT TCP; socket is waiting after closing for any packets left on the network
    CLOSED socket is not being used (FIXME. What does mean?)
    CLOSING TCP; our socket is shut down; remote endpoint is shut down; not all data has been sent
    FIN_WAIT1 TCP; our socket has closed; we are in the process of tearing down the connection
    FIN_WAIT2 TCP; the connection has been closed; our socket is waiting for the remote endpoint to shut down
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    I usually check to see if there has been a tutorial written on a subject that I have a question(s) about in the Security tutorials other tutorials forum and other posts. if I don't find one I go straight to google and work from that.

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    Ok thanks guys

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