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Thread: A Perfect Circle

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    A Perfect Circle

    For all the APC fans out there I would just like to say

    I am going to see them on the 6th of Feb!!! w00t


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    Enjoy the show!
    I saw them open for NIN during the Fragility Tour, they rock
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    Where at? I saw Tool about a year and a half ago here in Alabama. It rained the whole time and it was amazingly cold, but that concert ruled so hard.
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    /me slams valhallen over thw head witha brick

    Hahahahah i have the ticket now, hahahahaha. Have a good time man.

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    going to see them at the SECC (Glasgow)
    Alison bought me tickets on Friday - I can't wait

    Start new job today so have to go striaght in and ask to get away early like friday week - lol


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