In work recently (NASA) we have been having problems with multiple hacking attempts. I cannot show you any log files because they're classified, but need help. I would like someone to post info on how someone could gain access to our computers with screenshots. Also, please send the IP address of our server...erm, I forgot it. In fact, can someone just write me an exploit to crack into NASA? (Do you think they realised I don't work for NASA?)

Well....was worth a try :P I worded it from a (bad) sysadmin's point of view. Please don't flame me...hehe. (Give me all you've got)

Anyhow, maybe I should give up trying to joke, just after reading so many people posting replies which say that if you write something from a certain point of view they'll answer it, you get sick of it. To be honest, I don't think it really matters that much as long as the person asks an interesting question. I think that people here are too uptight. I only started posting recently, but I've been coming to antionline for years, and it's annoying how it's so different now. I don't condone anything illegal, but I also don't think it's right to make judgements on people the way that some members here do. Just because you (as an individual person) doesn't like something, doesn't mean that other people have to hold your opinion as well.

Meh, I'm sure I have more to's just difficult after work when I'm feeling this wrecked. Oh "forum cred"'s gonna die