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Thread: viewing packets leaving local computer

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    viewing packets leaving local computer

    how can i view each indevidual packet leaving my computer? i want to know every thing my coputer is sending out.

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    sorry i googles it and found out how

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    I don't know what answer you got from Google, but...

    Achilles is an awesome Web proxy. It runs locally so there is no need for a second machine like with other proxies, and it also supports SSL. You can look at everything going in and out, and even make changes. And best of all it's free. Since you like Google I'll let you find it.
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    gump is right Achilles is great for capturing and changing http headers but i think you want to know about every packet using every protocol on every port and what those packets contain. install ethereal. learn to make rules on it because your really going to be bogged down with everyday traffic. learn to filter it out.
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    Ooooh, another toy to play with...

    Since you like Google I'll let you find it.
    Actually, that's a good exercise....the main sites no longer exist... took a few tries to find it.

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    Actually, I have Achilles. After the main site disappeared I kept a copy so my students could play with it. What about something more appropriate for the OS? The assumption is Windows but is droffohcam03 actually using it?

    I'd personally suggest something like WinDump (for windows) and TCPDump (for *nix). droffohcam03, what did you end up using or finding?
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