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Thread: Fort N.O.C.'s

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    Fort N.O.C.'s

    ANYTOWN, Va. - The “heart” of the Internet, the so-called “A” root that is the Internet’s master addressing computer, resides here on the third floor of a nondescript four story building, housed in massive flat-black aluminum cage that looks like it could double as a gym locker for a mountain troll.
    Just an interesting article about the "inner workings" of the internet.

    I can't believe I forgot that!!

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    Article? From?
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    Wow volunteer work is keeping one of America's most valuable assest up and running. That is a little scary:

    The root server operators “have no contract with anyone, no guarantee of level of service, they could turn [the root servers] off tomorrow with no consequences at all because they are doing it out of the kindness of their heart,”
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