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Thread: A Visit from the FBI

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    A Visit from the FBI

    I read a pretty good article tonight.
    It is called A Visit from the FBI by Scott Granneman who is a columnist for

    Well, it finally happened. Right before Christmas, I had a little visit from the FBI. That's right: an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation came to see me. He had some things he wanted to talk about. He stayed a couple of hours, and then went on his way. Hopefully he got what he wanted. I know I did.
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    I think its great that everyone is "joining forces" to get the word out. Computer security education is something that everyone should be taught now a days. With pratcially EVERYTHING online, protecting yourself online should be a huge priority to anyone who has access to the net. I really like the idea of programs like this. It reminds me of the police officers going into schools for the D.A.R.E. program .... except educating an older audience.
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    That really is an amazing idea. Today most of the "Hacks" which are used to acquire critical information like credit card numbers and social security numbers is done by people asking for them in a very intelligent way. If the general populous was just given a little basic information on how to stay safe on the internet, internet crimes would just about be halved.
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