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    Has anyone else been keeping up with this, and better yet, has anyone out there actually tried setting this up in an office yet? I think this is an amazing next step in communication. Pretty soon everyone will be able to call everyone incredibly cheap. And I mean like Kansas to Japan with video conferencing and data exchange For less than a phone call next door.

    For those of you that don't know that stands for Voice over IP which is basically making a phone call over the internet. Your voice is actually transmitted into packets and sent over the net.
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    I was in RadioShack the other day and noticed that they're selling VoIP USB telephones. They looked pretty cool, however at 79.99 I think I can continue to use my microphone and speakers. Here's the Link.

    I have been using Skype for a while now. It is VoIP using P2P technology from the creators of Kazaa. It encrypts the conversation from end-to-end, however I'm not real sure how strong the encryption is. It's really cool because it has caller id, missed calls and very very simplistic text messaging (text only.. one font (as far as I've seen) and no emoticons.... basically like a query on IRC). I may have just been lucky with my connections, or it's because I have a 3Mbps connection, but the quality is far superior to MSN and Yahoo's voice chat. I've been trying to get my father to buy a microphone (I may just mail him one soon) and my mom and lil sister to get a new computer (they don't meet the requirements) and then I'll have everyone I used to phone on their and my long distance will be 0.

    I definately can't wait to see them take it further and start doing extremely cheap high quality phone-to-phone and pc-to-phone calls over VOIP.

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    My wife and I used to talk to her brother and sister-in-law in Alabama that way. At the week-end the local rate in England was 0.01 (a penny) a minute!

    That was about 6 years ago

    Now the Telcos are backtracking my IP...............time to move on

    I was surprised that the quality was so good even then!


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