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Thread: blocking ping replys

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    blocking ping replys

    how do i block ping replys im trying to see if i can use my netmask to find computers on my network but my router always replys before the otehr computer is their any way i can block its reply so i see the ones that come after it.


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    Why not do a broadcast ping and then check the arp cache to see who replied to it?
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    it worked

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    what did you do to check the ARP cashe?

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    on windows it is

    arp -a

    on linux you can just use


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    when i asked thie question i was using my xp box to ping the netmask alll i got was my router back but when i used my 98 box to ping it the replys look like their coming from the netmask.
    is it just spiting back what i pinged instead of what is responding?

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