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Thread: 2 disks dual boot

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    2 disks dual boot

    well i wanted to know what i should do with my 2 hard disks...
    disk 1 - 40GB
    disk 2 - 80GB

    curently my boot disk is the disk 1 and i was thinking about making my 2nd disk the new boot device, but here is my problem...every time i do a restore or even sometimes install a new disk 2 becomes only 30GB and not 80GB...i can fix that with my boot disk from WD but i need to erase all the stuff on it...i i wouldnt know what to like my disk 2 to be the boot device...any suggestions?

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    Does it read as 30 gb in the bios? it could be that you need a firmware update for your board. then hopefully you wont need to use the boot disk from wd.
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    it reads it everywhere 34,000kb...and after i run the boot disk...then it recognizes it and its kinda pissing me off...i dun even know what bios i have right now lol...i wanted to find out couple weeks ago but didnt know how...i did check my BIOS and it gave me no info on what version it was etc...
    any suggestions?

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    Go to your motherboard website and download the lastest BIOS. And before you apply it, READ how because if you do it wrong, your motherboard will be dead forever!

    After, go in your bios and load factory default setting. Then, your bios will be able to read the 80 go hard drive! Good Luck.
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    There are several software tools you can use to find out who made your bios

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