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Thread: Virus Alert: Novarg / MiMail / MyDoom

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    I'm just going to install a fresh copy of XP on another partition and play with the damn virus. I'll let you know what I find.
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    ive actually been spending a lot of time with this virus.
    My assembly skills are not the sharpest but Ive decompiled and figured out as much as possible
    I dont see anywhere where it attempts to mess with the bios

    I wish I would have made another partition or ran on a vmware because I managed to infect myself when I played with it on windows...anyways heres some things that helped me

    the email comes mime encoded -> linux tool mpuck can encode and decode mime
    the executable is upx encoded -> upx tool (multi-platform) can encode and decode upx
    at this point your can perform some reverse engineering
    linux 'strings' will actually produce quite a few the names and email extensions are plainly visible but he/she attempts to hide many of the registry and system i/o with a ceasar cipher of right shift 13 characters

    id be interested in hearing any other things you find
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