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Thread: Internet Disconnection!

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    Internet Disconnection!


    I am facing this little problem with my system that whenever I insert a CD while being connected to the internet, the internet disconnects automatically. I do not know why is this happening. Apart from that, a few days later a worm entered my pc whose purpose was to disconnect the internet after every 5 minutes. I downloaded the patch from the microsoft site and removed it but this new problem started happening after the removal of that worm. Anyone, here have any idea what is happening. By the way, I am using WIN XP, professional edition.

    Thanks in advance for the concern...

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    Sounds to me like you may still have a virri or a worm on you pc check all of your connection options and you registry and scan your pc with a good virus scanner and if it still dosen't work i would save all important files to disk and reformat the hard drive.

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    Boot in safe mode and run your anti-virus and worm remover from safe mode. Good Luck
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