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Thread: iding chips

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    Question iding chips

    over the years ive stockpiled a number of Pentium and AMD chips, for the most part most of the chips are P2, and K-6's. but i have one P3 750 that id like to know more about,
    so my question is this, is there an easy way to ID theses chips with one of the # on the chip? or anyhting like that?

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    If you search around the Intel and AMD websites long enough you should find what you are looking for. - Different Packaging of (Intel) Processors (Can help identify P1/2/3/4/Celeron, and dates, etc)

    And for Pentium 2's - - Shows how to read the numbers and has a link to a tool to ID the processor.

    And here is the main page to all of that so you can work on that P3-750 -

    BTW, I've recently found out that my P3-800 is exactly the same as a P3-600 number/id-wise. But at least it made the 800MHz cut, and now it runs stable @ 900MHz. There may be other processors like that, but the 233/200 are the only other ones I can think of, although there may have been some difference. Hope this helps. And there should be something similar on the AMD website, just check it out and it will eventually show up. Good luck.

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