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Thread: Prank call

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    Prank call


    I don't know how much you all are interested in prank calls, but here's one a friend of mine did to someone and shared it with me so i thought i'd share it too:

    It's alittle over 8 megs. It's a nice listen. No profanity or anything like that. The victim was tricked into thinking that the call was from the fbi. And it goes from there.

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    Hmm reminds me when i was younger, me and a few friends used to do that kinda stuff, but unfortunatly we got busted one time and got into BIG trouble..

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    i can relate to that also one time i was doing that with a friend and my friend somehow "accidentaly" called the police.

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    This is a site with sound clips of a man being called by a radio station, he reminds me of a guy i once worked with, if you want to see a close minded man get very angry very fast check these out
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