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Thread: Viewpoint Media Player

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    Viewpoint Media Player

    Viewpoint media player comes bundled with AIM 5.2 - go here for removal instructions:
    Viewpoint Media Player collects information about the user. From the vendor's privacy policy: To provide a satisfying consumer experience and to operate effectively, the Viewpoint Media Player periodically sends information to servers at Viewpoint. Each installation of the Viewpoint Media Player is identifiable to Viewpoint via a Customer Unique Identifier (CUID), an alphanumeric identifier embedded in the Viewpoint Media Player. The Viewpoint Media Player randomly generates the CUID during installation and uses it to indicate a unique installation of the product. A CUID is never connected to a user's name, email address, or other personal contact information. CUIDs are used for the sole purpose of filtering redundant information. Each of these information exchanges occurs anonymously.
    To date, AdAware does not affect Viewpoint Technology content, even when conducting a full system scan. AdAware seems to target cookies and similar functions.
    Viewpoint Media Player is bundled with AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, Netscape 7, etc and sometimes not mentioned in the license agreement.
    Viewpoint media player isnt in Spybot S&D's definitions right now either.

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    hmmm thanks for the input, I installed this bundled with NS 7.1 - Add/Remove Programs running now

    Weird that lavasoft AddAware doesnt say a thing about it thought

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