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Thread: Hacker military wargame?

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    Hacker military wargame?

    Its about 10:40pm and im just doing my usual surfing (or stumbling) round the net and im kinda looking for a good wargame, without a theme (a sacraficial box) and i googled for a while and after following a few links i found this Can someone explain it too me, it all is a bit too confusing. Has anybody been there? what do they do? Is this a new twist on wargaming?

    anyway post up you comments!


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    Never been there...seems like an undgnd site anyway... but the wargame is just with the classic rules and for the tents....dont know
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    Its a combination of a hacker wargame and paintball lasting a few days. Basically, each team has a HQ and the goal is to get the other teams "flags" and "flag keywords" which are files on the server. Its a point bassed system. If you get shot with a paintball gun, you are not down completely, but you are out for a period of time.

    The "flags" are physical items that are hidden someplace in the area. The "flag keywords" are files on the servers that tell a keyword assosiated with the flag, and the location of the flag. So if you get a "keyword" file, and decrypt it, it will tell you that the flag is in the birch tree next to the river, and you have to go get the flag without getting shot.

    Oh yeah... this took place in 2002... or was scheduled too. I don't know if it ever did or not.
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