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Thread: Prancing!

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    General Wesley Clark accused GWB of "prancing " around on the deck of an aircraft carrier dressed in pilots garb. Two weeks later:

    i think i prefer the pilot’s garb, but that’s just me
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    Lol, politics as usual. Look who's talking.

    Just to note, the banner (mission accomplished one) that was on that warship is the usual banner they have as they arrive home, referring to their mission, not necessarily anything the Pres had them put up there. The ending of major combat operations is something totally different though. Although what were are seeing now has the "earmarks" of Al Queda, and that's according to both the Americans and the Iraqi council folks on the ground over there.


    Edit: spelled who's like whose. lol

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    I totaly agree with you after 5 years in the Navy I do prefer the pilot’s garb.
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