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Thread: linux opinion

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    linux opinion

    I have two ditros of linux red hat 7 and mandrake which one would you use to learn on i am very new to linux so i want to go with the one that is best to learn on?

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    both of them are fairly user-friendly distros, but you probably want to start with red-hat, it would probably be a little higher on the user-friendliness (however you spell it) scale.... however, either one would work.
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    the one that is best to learn on
    Learn what? Programming, security, forensics...etc. etc.

    May answer your questions, or it just may raise more..??

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    Redhat is NOT more user friendly than Mandrake. And this should be in the OS forum (Yes, I know, it's older, but someone could move it maybe.)

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    I would just like to add the fact that RedHat no longer supports anything older that 9, and support for 9 ends in July of this year AFAIK.

    RedHat went to Fedora for desktop users.
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