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Thread: Stupidest Thing Computer Teacher Ever Said

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    Stupidest Thing Computer Teacher Ever Said

    Hey just thought it would be funny to find out how many of you when you were learning came up against a teacher that you knew you were smarter than. and what the stupidest thing they ever said to you was.

    My personal favorite was when i was in school a student asked a question: "what do you think of linux" and the teacher responded "Whats Linux"

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    I've got something that's not so much a statement but a situation:

    I'm sitting next to my friend in the computer lab during an english class and he finds it funny to type 99999999 into the copies to print section of the printing prompt, so i quickly reach over and hit [enter], stand up, walk a little bit away and watch.

    The tech woman comes over when my friend is attempting to hide the many copies printing at the network printer, she sits down and attempts to stop the printing at the computer, after about 5 min. of her working and becoming more angry i calmly walk over to the printer, press the cancel job button, go back and sit down next to her and smile. She gets up and walks away saying nothing.
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    such things happens
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    A computer programming teacher once insisted that all the linker does is to copy the compiled file to a .exe . She then proceeded to say that she had programmed on mainframes. I almost told her to stfu but contented myself with saying in a sweet voice, "But what about that a.out file in UNIX?"

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