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Thread: Windows Network Sec.

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    Windows Network Sec.

    I a currently runing Win2k Nt are there any holes or backdoors i can slip into to gain admin status or clone accounts.

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    sounds kinda shifty to me why can't you just login to change that kind of thing?

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    Because i am currently in the Marine Corps and the guy's place i just took didn't leave a Password or a Phone number he could be reached at. so i am basiclally stuck

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    I got two words for you..."Thread Closed!" There are plenty of holes you could try to slip in, if the server isn't configured properly, but the way you've worded the question, I don't think I'll be obliged to elaborate on them.

    If any of you Admins are monitoring, please close this thread.

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    That doesn't sound like something the Marine Corp would do. Simply put, they'd have regulations, procedures and policies for this kind of thing.
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