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Thread: C or C++ compiler freeware

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    C or C++ compiler freeware

    Hi there does anyone know any links or have info on sites that have downloads of free compilers for C or C++ programming? I got the Borland 5.5 but then couldn't find anywhere to register it at the site after looking around for ages. I'd preferably like a compiler that will just install with an install wizard as i'm new to computers and don't really know how to make new directories/paths etc.

    I tried installing the Borland 5.5 like i said but i don't think it was compatible for WindowsME and thats the OS i'm on.

    (actually if theres any links to Java compilers i'd be happy with that aswell but the JavaSun compiler won't install either.)

    It's slowly turning into a nightmare because i just want to start learning how to write with C/C++/Java instead of just learning HTML and i haven't got a clue where to start with Javascript either. I can't wait to get past this nightmare/can't even install the damn compiler stage and start learning stuff.

    Thanks if you can help with this.

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    You are obviously in windows because in linux you'd have gcc and g++ available to you. Since you are in Windows you will want the definitive c/c++ compile/development tool, IMHO that is. The software is DevC++ by Bloodshed Software. It is available from

    It is absolutely amazing software and highly recommend for Windows Software Dev.


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    Brilliant, thanks HT i'd of probably been searching around for ages if i hadn't of asked here. Hopefully i'll be able to have a look at the help guide or whatever info comes with it and i'll be able to start learning at last.

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    Hi there,

    I downloaded the Dev C++ and have been trying to compile the 'Hello world' program, (yeah i know, lame. ) but when i try to compile and link the program i'm lost. I looked around trying to find the building option from the make menu but i can't find either. Here's the options from the help guide :

    Using Microsoft C:

    Edit stage:
    Type program in using one of the Microsoft Windows editing packages.

    Compile and link:
    Select Building from Make menu. Building option allows you to both compile and link in the same option.

    Use the Run menu and select Go option.

    First error highlighted. Use Next Error from Search menu for further errors if applicable.

    Like i said i'm clueless as to where the Make menu is for the building option, anyone know?

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