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Thread: PS2 & Monitor

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    PS2 & Monitor

    I just remembered that i had something on my mind when i went to take a shower
    Well...i have 2 big one in the living room and one small one with dvd played but its in my dad's semi truck so i was wondering if i could connect the PS2 onto my Monitor somehow and use it as a screen for the PS2 and own little be a lot better cause then i wouldn't have to be in the living room with my mom plus its more fun in my room

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    Can't really do to much looking right now, but you shoudl be able to buy some sort of adapter for that.

    try google and see what you find.

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    well i tried a google search but i really just got some PS2 accessories like joistick and memory cards...etc... but nothing like connecting it to my monitor...
    would this hardware be more likely to be in the comuter hardware section or the PS2 section?
    does anyone even know if this is possible or what the name of this piece is?

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    well not sure of that but try this link it might help

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    Wow see thats exactly what i was looking for...but didnt even know if it existed lol
    Ill have to get around town and visit some stores for those...thanks DeadAddict

    Edit: i also searched the iste you gave me and i also found this one,,,well which one would be better....on the one i just gave i think i could connect my PS2 but it doesnt say for sure, but there is a PS2 on the picture ...i think i should shoot for the 1st one you gave me?

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    I believe that which ever one you choose will work with your playstation But I am not sure that the YPbPr Power Box will be able to hook up to your monitor though would be nice if they had better picture of it and the connector on the end.

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    Hmm... yep, the ps2 to vga adapter will do it.

    But... how about this?!

    How would you like to make yourself a 100" projection TV for your PS2?!?!

    I was thinking about doing it just for $hi7s and giggles...
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    that woud be awsome lol...but i think that the VGA adaptor will do it
    so i just have to check with best buy etc...and thanks to all
    positive points for helping

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