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Thread: Windows XP Service Pack 1 VS Windows XP Service Pack 2

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    Windows XP Service Pack 1 VS Windows XP Service Pack 2

    A lot of people know the great new features in Windows XP service pack 2, like new ad blocking feature, a better Firewall with some nice options included, Wireless support, a new Windows Updater and ofcourse all the latest patches and updates.

    Is Windows XP still the Windows XP from the past? Does this new Service Pack slow down the performance or give a boost? Is the system more stable? Do games play better than before? All those questions give the spirit to make some benchmarks. Game benchmarks and software benchmarks should give us a good view of stability and performance.
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    Well this all depends on if you include everything for the heck of it. There is no need to install the security patches for MSN Messenger if you are not using it. It takes me a while to update my patches, I have to go through and make sure I am not wasting space. I may have large hard drives, but there is no need to fill them with junk.

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