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Thread: Netbios Vulnerabilities

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    Netbios Vulnerabilities

    After scanning my university subnet (halls) for open netbios connections i have found that there seems to be 3 computers totally open to this vulnerability. I'm worried that someone else with malicious intent may conduct the same scans as me but instead of doing it for educational purposes they may upload a virus, trojan etc or just delete all the shared files.

    I think this is wrong and therefore would like to warm these people, but without giving away who i am. I think the best way would be to contact the computer admin department with the details of these machines and their vulnerabilies. Can anyone recommend a way in which i could contact the admin department 100% anonymously and pass on these details ?

    Any advice/help would be great. Thanks

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    Email them from a throwaway hotmail/yahoo account from a publicly available machine.
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    I know this may sound archaic but maybe dare I say it...snail mail . I'd maybe traceroute the domain from a public computer, get an address (if you don't know it already). Type up a letter and don't put a return address on it. Dunno, maybe dump it in a mail box a little ways from your city/town. Sounds like some work, but I think that would assure you some secrecy.
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    anonymous email is everywhere just google.......but....why do you want to keep anonymity??? Scanning is not illegal (or that is what i think)
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    Scanning I believe is not illegal, but to figure out they were wide open, you'd have to probe a little beyond scanning, which is a kinda grey line.

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    Easy way: Anonymous E-mail.

    Go to and setup an account there. should be anonymous enough to serve your purpose.

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