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Thread: Who controls internet?

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    Who controls internet?

    Hi All,

    I've this one question in my mind that I want to discuss.

    Who controls internet?

    Means above you there's your local ISP, then national level ISP.
    Who's after that.
    Means where's the source? who controls it?
    Is it a web with one center, or a web with several centers, or a web with no center.

    Looking forward to listen from you guys.

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    No one and everyone. It's a decentralized network with smaller "centralized" or "centrally" controlled networks. There is no one "big controller".


    This Poster at ThinkGeek, IMHO, best describes this concept.
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    Although the internet is designed so that each part can function independently the internet works in a hierarchical manner. When you want to find something and type in a website URL if you've never been there before your computer goes to a DNS server and asks it for the IP address of the site you're looking for, if the DNS server knows then it provides you with the information, if it doesn't it will move up a level with the request and continue searching until it has found its location or determines that it does not exist. Next time your computer will remember the address and just directly go. This is why when you host a site it sometimes takes a few days to be found on the internet. The organization that is responsable for assigning unique domain names and IP addresses is the ICANN
    They don't "control" the internet but they keep it inline
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    Who controls internet?
    JupiterMedia of course.


    The link MsM provided, explains it pretty good IMO.

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