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Thread: An Odd Server Issue with eTrust Antivirus (Inoculate)

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    Question An Odd Server Issue with eTrust Antivirus (Inoculate)

    We've run into a small problem with our antivirus software that I have no clue how to resolve. We just recently replaced a server. The previous server had scheduled a scan named "Daily Local" on one of our application servers. Of course, when we switched servers out, the new server took over as the antivirus administrator. However, now we want to remove the "Daily Local" scan, but it doesn't show up on the new server's listed administered scheduled scans, evidently because it was initiated by its predecessor. So now, there's no way to remove that scan from the application server that I know of.

    Anyone have a clue how to fix this?

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    1. Delete your AV then Re-install your AV
    2. Go to your job scheduler and look there

    I guess the AV has made an entry in the registry? use the AV package..even re-create (so it is on new server) then delete?


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