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Thread: My NetScan Results: Help with an IP.

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    My NetScan Results: Help with an IP.

    I am gathering a list of all the IP's of each computer here at work. Instead of walking to each one, I ran NetScan to save some time. I got what I needed, but something caught my eye. If there was nothing using an IP, the Hostname field came up with a "?". The "Responding IP" came up with "N/R". Well, one Hostname came up with the "?" but, there was an IP. How can I figure out what this IP belongs to? I did later on, go to each and every computer. Could it be a printer? Maybe it's the router? I know it's not the server. Thanks for any help.

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    You should provide more specific details of the computers on the network, what its connected to, if you have internet connectivity, OS, netscan version and so on...

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    A nice scanner to use to perform you task is called AngryIP Scanner. I have used it since it has been released and it has yet to fail me.

    Also, you can put in ports to scan with this little guy. Typically when I look for default print servers I scan for ports 21,23 and 80. This is not foolproof but certainly effective on small LANs.

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