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Thread: PHP & Xitami

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    PHP & Xitami

    I have recently installed the Xitami freeware webserver.. and after doing so I installed PHP with the option to configure the Xitami web server to support it. Unfortuanately it doesn't seem to support it at all. OS = Win98. Please help!

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    Are they both the latest versions? Try updating them
    thats all i could suggest../am getting into php the next week too

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    If your looking for a webserver/php setup, try checking out phpdev, which is a bundle consisting of the apache webserver, php, and mysql with a nifty installer that does all the work for you. Its painless to setup, and is great for doing local development or just tinkering around.
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    Install PHP on a Windows 98 is pain in the ass! Their a file from the php that is send the bin directory of apache you need to copy in c:/windows and c:/windows/system because Apache is having hard time finding it. I'm not totally sure of the name of file. It's a dll with the 4 in the name if my memory is find!
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