Just for a different take on the subject, this from vmyths.....

"Many headlines now proclaim the new "MyDoom" virus/worm as "the fastest
spreading virus ever." MessageLabs, for example, announced "1 in 12"
emails carried an infected attachment -- much to the delight of
reporters who crave numbers. What was left unsaid (because it's not really
news) is that MessageLabs announced "1 in 2.4" emails carried spam
throughout the month of December. Do the math and you'll see it's two-fifths
versus one-twelfth.

Remember this when virus hysteria strikes:

Computer firm SCO (a main target of MyDoom's wrath) extended the media
frenzy when they offered a $250,000 reward for the capture of what they
hint is a "radical" Linux user. Vmyths does not accept SCO's
presumption -- we strongly suspect MyDoom came from a Microsoft-centric virus
writer. Vmyths suspects SCO's senior officers (including president Darl
McBride) engaged in media sensationalism at the expense of the Linux

Reporters crave anecdotes; some of their stories proclaimed Boeing lost
its fight with the MyDoom virus. Vmyths notes the aerospace firm has a
long history of losing fights with viruses and making irrational
computer security decisions (see http://Vmyths.com/rant.cfm?id=241&page=4 for
example). It shouldn't impress anyone if MyDoom overwhelmed Boeing's

(Memo to Boeing's computer security team: Vmyths.com has sent/received
ZERO copies of MyDoom as of Wednesday 18:00 CT.)

Common clichés in the antivirus world:

Once again, this media hype misses the point. If a firm shut down its
email servers to stop a virus attack, then it did so because their
antivirus solution FAILED to do its job, NOT because infected attachments
overwhelmed their networks. Reporters, and even security experts, often
confuse symptoms (infected attachments) with causes (inferior antivirus

History tells us someone will soon declare a "guestimate" damage value
for the MyDoom virus/worm, strictly for its PR value. Two of the more
dubious candidates include Computer Economics Inc. and mi2g. Visit
http://Vmyths.com/resource.cfm?id=57&page=1 for links to these firms'
mathematical atrocities.

Vmyths notes stock prices rose for both Symantec and Network Associates
-- despite the fact their products once again failed to do their job.
If your antivirus solution didn't protect you, then you need a better
antivirus solution. (Unless you work for Boeing.) Enough said.

Don't confuse symptoms with causes. Stay calm. Stay reasoned. And
stay tuned to Vmyths."