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Thread: changing the order of dual hard drives

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    Question changing the order of dual hard drives

    HI I just recently got a a used computer and the C: (120 Gb master) drive is loaded with all the operating systems, programs and so on, and the D: (20 Gb slave) drive is the back up with just a os and nothing else,

    if I reversed the order of the drives does it make any difference ? I will be able to run all the programs as usual, or by reversing the order of the drives woiuld I have to format the dirves and reload all the software ??

    sorry for being a pain, but I have heard confilcting information from the people at "COMP USA"

    Thank you

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    If you change them, master to slave, yes, it will screw everything up.
    Presuming that the present master is the boot drive with the running OS,
    its registry is where the software is all set up.

    Even if the other drive has the same OS, when you make it master
    and boot from it, all the software installed while the original drive was master
    will not be able to find their registry settings.

    If you want to swap those drives, plan on reinstalling all your software.
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    I will go with rcgreen and say leave it be!

    A 20Gig drive is a backup on that system anyway? I guess your 120 runs at 7200 rpm?

    The only logical reason to change would be if th 20 gig ran at 7200 and the 120 at 5400rpm?

    What are the speeds? Why are you thinking of changing?

    Remember to keep the backup updated!


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    Both drives run at 7200 rpm

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