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Thread: got pr0n?

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    Smile got pr0n?

    Check out the latest, dedicated, porn search engine. Booble!

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    OMG.. that's hilarious... that's going to friends for sure.
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    LOL... Here's a little bit of info about the site and the guy that started it as a joke...

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    Sorry Mate,

    It doesn't work I typed in "Microsoft" and got nothing?


    EDIT: Hell I should at least have had viagra and penis enlargement addys?

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    Look then even have tips :
    Tip: Experts believe that Credit Card transactions are safer with most online pornographers than most offline merchants.
    Tip: Adult merchants don’t want a problem with Credit Card companies, and therefore they do not want a problem with consumers.
    Tip: In most cases, Credit Card charges will reflect the billing company or, a vague and benign reference to the Adult site.
    Seems like some good tips.
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    Well first there was google, then there was BOOBLE.
    well when we tell someone to use a search engine to find there answer, witch one do we tell 'em to use..?
    "Google" or maybe a little "Booble" will get 'em the answer..?
    Now i'm all confused..Why does that all ways seem to happen..

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    Actually before booble there was also froogle or how ever the heck you spell it. It was basicly about shoping and being spamed. LOL Funny how that guy would make a search engine dedicated to finding porn... as if porn yet alone spam doesn't cover half the world wide web already.

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