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Thread: Is it wrong to eat people ........

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    Is it wrong to eat people ........

    ......... the answer i think, yes !

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    Depends... Heh. College life must be really boring, Mike!

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    I am inclined to agree that the answer is " yes" because you do not know where they have been and Federal food regulations do not apply?

    However I am now in a heated debate with several Asian tigers over the matter


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    IMHO, people are edible only if properly grilled with a nice teryaki sauce...

    And wine, you must drink wine while eating people. White table wine would seem a good match.

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    I'm sure that Hannibal Lector would think it's best to cook all parts properly and serve it with only the best wine.. on the other hand, Jeffrey Dahmer didn't seem to care to prepare his meals properly. I'm sure that Hannibal would of frowned deeply and most likely would approve of the way Jeffrey Dahmer's life was taken.. with a broomstick up "you know where"

    here's the story of
    Albert Fish: real life Hannibal Lector Albert Fish was a grandfatherly man who specialized in murdering and cannibalizing children.

    (now he was a sicko)

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    The best part is the brain, oh how i enjoy a grilled brain.

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    it is yes
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    Only if they are rotten or unwilling ?
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    albert fish also was born in Michigan. leave it to this state to make someone pissed enough to eat people. jack the ripper was a cannibal too. know im not going to list them all, but their was a **** load in the olden days. and theres still some now. iv seen quite a few cannibalism movies now, which comes with being friends with the gore man, and its kind of odd. for the record, i ate my ex gf. but she was completly ok with it....actually, *** to think of it, she liked it alot.
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    Guess that depends on the circumstances :

    In 1972, a group of rugby players, their friends and families left on an airplane for Chile from Urugua. The plane crashed into the snow-covered Andes Mountains killing thirteen of the forty-five passengers onboard the aircraft. Many of the passengers died over the weeks from crash-related injuries. Without any provisions, those left alive resorted to cannibalizing the dead. Those who refused to eat the human flesh died of starvation. After seventy days in the mountains, sixteen survivors were rescued and taken home.

    (Henry was right. he was tuff as nails!)
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